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Head over heels (M!A closed thread @Stillnotamoron)

Slowly treading through the usual hallways Marissa prized open one of the many closed doors in the bowels of aperture, it wasn’t very hard to open it, it didn’t seem to have any power leading to it and it wasn’t one of the vacuum locked doors.

Chances are there wasn’t any dangerous rat creatures in the room she was trying to poker her nose into.

With a final scraping noise of the metallic door one side locked itself open letting Marissa squeeze in quite happily. Stepping into the room it looked like most of the facility, empty, unkept, cold.

That didn’t discourage Marissa though, she was used to it, and keeping in the dark of the facility as to avoid unwanted attention.

Slowly strolling through the rows of counters with all sorts of vials, beakers and other chemical bottles she was careful not to touch anything.

It seemed to be a biochemistry lab, unusual considering the other labs were more…Practical? Was that the word? Musing over this Marissa looked through a tall arrangement of bottled liquids.

Decadienal, Dodecanal, Neocembrene…?

She had no idea what these chemicals meant, they weren’t acids, maybe they were alcohols with the ‘ene’ at the end? Getting lost in another lot of curious thoughts a subtle cracking noise rumbled though the open door which was soon followed by a jolt of the room Marissa was so idly standing in.

The jolt caught her off guard causing her to wave her arms to maintain balance as well as planting her feet more stably on the floor, the same couldn’t be said for the arrangement of bottles next to her.

Wobbling back and forth Marissa grimaced closing her eyes as it did, though she didn’t feel able to move in time, but luckily another jolt forced the arrangement to fall way to the other side of the counter.

With a loud smash the chemicals washed over from under the counter and as a result washed over to Marissa who had fallen onto her backside as well.

Cursing under her breath at the extremely potent smelling mess of clear liquid cascading across the floor and her favorite coat Marissa got up as soon as she could, the smell of alcohol was overwhelming to the point that it brought a tear to her eye.