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A lovely wee picnic ( Marissa I & Murdo )

Pet project ( Marissa II & Wheatley )

Ask/trollian ( Eridan & Equius )

Ask/trollian ( Medusa & Equius )

Ask.trollian ( Medusa & Lanchla )

Ask/trollian ( Medusa & Marqur )

Injury ask starter ( Medusa & Octans )

Embracement ( Disdain & Curtis )

Where angels fear to tread ( Disdain & Spidey )

Unbalanced ( DD & Mich )

Lit by the moon ( DD & Mich )

Closed thread ( DD & Sweden )

(If I’ve missed one just tell me and I’ll add it at some point)

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I seriously need to write a list of threads I have going. Hold your butts I’ll just work on that.

Ten and Rose

Ehhhh B

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(Oh no)

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( Just a heads up I’m reactivating symbioticrapture so if you’re in the mood for that, it is a thing )

I'm FortTheMighty ; o ; sorry, im kinda nervous. it seems fun from what ive seen but i dont know what to expect.

Here’s the ip:

And don’t worry we’ll get you fit into everything in no time. Oh, also as a warning the server is about to change into a new map soon.

I’m guessing Sweden will fill you on anything you need to know but feel free to ask me, or add me on skype and ask.

Yep hello I am here, I will be commencing of the replies shortly. Still stuffing my mouth with various food stuffs.

Well, progress was made.

I shall try to keep it up. Gonna keep on trucking.

(Thought I should refresh the list a bit)


Blog web master list:



General blogs:


Ask blog
dansdaughtersshadow (All asks for these characters will come from this blog and any general rp updates will be posted up here.)

Personal blogdansdaughter (Any updates and other OOC post will be posted up here. BEWARE I AM A DORK. )




DDcatalystoftheend (Human sorceress, Original-verse)

Star Fury : aritificallightningchaser (Cyborg, Marvel-verse/ Original-verse, multiship)

Disdainsymbioticrapture (Symbiote, Marvel-verse, multiship) 

Medusalavenderbloodedhissassin (Lavender troll, Homestuck-verse, singleship)

Marissa (1st and 2nd) boundbybloodandlegacy (Human, Multi-verse, multiship, two muse blog)

Lillianthefreerunningmentor (Human assassin mentor, Assassin’s creed Victorian-verse, singleship)

Artimusdemonpilgrim (Demon knight, Original-verse, multiship)

Novapsychicsupernova (Mobian bat, Sonic-verse, multiship)

Deviousredstonepoweredruler (Human, Minecraft-verse / Original-verse, singleship)

'Luna'thesapphirescaledexile (Dragoness, Original-verse, multiship)

Creator Jgoddessofjudgement (Creator, All-verses [Warning she is inherently a god mode character and mostly played off for laughs], multiship)

Adapoisonousbedsidemanners (BLU fem medic, TF2-verse, multiship)

Torithepurpledestroyerofworlds (Female Irken Commander, Invader Zim-verse, singleship)

Emily/Emmathetwoforoneweapon (Human weapon, Soul Eater-verse [Warning art is under construction, but is available for rp], multiship )

Nick Nackasknicknack (Unicorn, MLP-verse, singleship)


Canon characters:

Eridanquadrantdisaster (Homestuck, multiship, OC friendly)


Roleplay group:

Team ABYSSpkmteamabyss (A pokemon roleplay group for a questionable pokemon organisation)